Getting Started

My daughter talked me into doing this so you can blame Cortney when you get the chance.  I’m going to try writing about things that take place down at the creek.  That’s Laughery Creek in southern Indiana.  Laughery Creek feeds into the Ohio River about 14 miles east-north-east of my place, but that’s as the crow flies.  It’s at least three times that far if you follow the creek as it snakes around the hills to get to the river.

I’ve lived here for a little over six months now, but Mom & Dad lived here for over 20 years after Dad retired.  Before Mom & Dad retired down here, we camped in this same spot as a family since I was in grade school.  Since I  have 10 grandkids, who all love to come down here and wade in the creek, that’s obviously been a long time.

It’s just me and the dogs now.  Lucky is a Jack Russell mix.  She’ll be 6 years old in July.  She’s not intimidated by anything.  Lucky likes to get into fights with ground hogs, or anything else that can’t climb a tree or crawl down a hole to get away.  That has its upside though.  She dropped a fresh killed rabbit on the front porch in January and I had rabbit stew for three meals.

Chili is a Boxer/Mastiff mix.  She was one year old in January.  I really look forward to the day she has less energy than a tasmanian devil.  Chili is endowed with the tail of destruction.  Her tail is like a wrecking ball with hair.  Chili’s tail may be the one thing that does intimidate Lucky.

I threaten the girls with Korean recipes from time to time, but they’re good company on a cold night.  If they’d just quit dragging dead deer parts up into the yard!

That’s enough to get started.  Hope I didn’t bore anybody.  Later…

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