The Water’s Up

In February we got some serious rain and lots of melting snow.  On February 22nd the creek hit its peak for the year…so far.  It’s been up and down a couple of times since then but that’s the highest it’s been.  It got there overnight, so it was actually down about eight inches before it got light enough for me to get some pictures.

Here’s a picture of the riffle below the trailer last October.  The water was about as low as I’ve ever seen it.  It wasn’t even running over the rocks at this point because we had a serious drought last summer:

low water in october

Here’s a picture from close to the same spot on February 22nd.  I had to take this from a little farther away since the spot where I stood for the first picture was about waist deep at the time.  Notice the creek is a little higher:

high water in February

To get the full effect you have to hear the water boiling around the trees and over the rocks.  A little video will help with that.  I took this from a little farther upstream but you can still recognize the distinctive sycamore trees:

The view from the back deck showed a lot more water than usual, but the birds didn’t seem to mind.  These house finches were doing their best to intimidate the lone chickadee:

high water birds

I’ve seen the creek a lot higher, but this was a spectacle for sure.  Later…


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