Guns don’t kill people, surgical tools kill people

This is kind of stretching the envelope for news from the creek, but I’m going to do it anyway.  One of the reasons I live at the creek in Indiana is because I’m a gun owner and licensed to carry in the state of Indiana.  Living down here I can shoot right off the front porch or the back deck and not worry about hitting anything but targets.  That’s the way it should be.

I don’t get TV, and radio reception here is abysmal, so I’m not always up on the latest news.  I was scanning the internet yesterday evening and came across a news story where Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has decided to release the names of Illinois FOID cards holders to the public.  I lived in Illinois for over 25 years.  I had a FOID card.  FOID stands for Firearm Owner’s Identification.  Mine expired over a year ago so have a look:


Let me clear something up though.  The holders of FOID cards do not necessarily own a gun.  In fact, I know of people who hold FOID cards and don’t own a gun.  Some just want to be able to shoot at a range when they have a chance and others do it for the principle.  Having a FOID card does not in any way indicate if, how many, or what types of guns you own.

Having a FOID card means you had an FBI background check to verify that you have no criminal record and are trustworthy to own a firearm in Illinois.  Of course in the socialist state of Illinois you could never legally carry a gun for protection, but you could legally own one and keep it in your house.  Publishing the names of FOID card holders could be misleading, but chances are if you have a FOID card you have a firearm.

Here’s the big problem with making FOID card holders public.  What you’re really telling the criminals is which houses to avoid.  It’s the people who don’t have FOID cards that you want to rob or murder.  They’re the ones who won’t have a good way to defend themselves.  The people who don’t have FOID cards will call 911, and the police will come take their statements, or bag up their bodies, after the crime has been committed.

If you want to publish data on people, why not publish data on people who’ve had abortions?  You don’t have to have a criminal background check to have an abortion.  You don’t even need a spouse’s or parent’s permission to end a life.  No guns involved.  Just some surgical tools.  Maybe Illinois should make people who’ve had abortions get an AOID card.  Do you think Attorney General Madigan would honor a freedom of information act request to release AOID card holder information?  Not a chance.

So in Illinois you can end the life of an unborn child with impunity, but you can’t carry a gun to protect the lives of the children whose safety and well-being you’re responsible for.  See why I moved to the creek in Indiana?  Life Member of the NRA and proud of it.



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