Sunday Nights

For years I called Mom and  Dad every Sunday night at 9:00, 10:00 their time.  It fit in with their TV schedule, and it let me keep track of them, and let me catch them up on any good family news I had.  Of course as my daughters will testify, I practically never know any family news before they do.

When I called, Mom would get on one phone and Dad would run into the bedroom and get on the other.  If I was late they’d wonder where I was and if I was early they’d just turn off the TV.  Mom and Dad had their priorities straight.

I explained what unlimited long distance meant to Mom a dozen times, but every Sunday night she’d want to hang up after five or ten minutes to save my phone bill.  Sometimes we barely had five minutes of news to talk about and other times we would shoot the breeze for almost an hour.  It was certainly one of the high points of my week and I hope it was one of theirs.

Every Sunday night I feel a little lost when 9:00 rolls around.  I wish I’d called more often.  I wish I’d talked longer.  I miss them every day, but especially on Sunday nights.

Mom and Dad


2 Replies to “Sunday Nights”

  1. I’m supposed to be doing homework, but now I’m blubbering all over the place, instead. We miss them, too, Dad. Love you! XOXO

  2. I remember those calls. Mom would start a doodle pad near the phone and write down what she wanted to mention to me when she’d gather the news from others. Mom and Dad would keep me updated with everyone at church and on our road, Red Hog Pike. They helped me stay connected even though college and work kept me away. Our first phone number on a party line was 2 longs and a short. When either Mom or Dad spoke with their parents on the phone the house had to be silent. Those calls were long distance to Dry Ridge, Ky. Today with unlimited minutes and call anytime our calls aren’t planned and don’t seem as special. When my parents talked to me it came with a sacrifice which affirmed my worth.

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