On the Ropes

I’m practicing a little flood control of my own down here at the creek.  I can’t keep the water from coming up, but I can work around it.  The water’s been high enough to run down the slough four times so far this year.  When that happens I can’t get down to the creek bank without going way around:

water in sloughTo get over the water in the slough I rigged up some ropes that let me walk down to the bank on an old fallen walnut tree.  It’s pretty easy to do with the ropes to hang onto.  I figure my grandkids will have fun with this setup when they get down here in April:

ropes in treeEven the dogs use the walnut tree.  Of course they don’t need the ropes.  I bet this kind of scenario makes the squirrels in the neighborhood a little worried, but my dogs can only climb on trees that are mostly horizontal:

tree dogsI got a good picture of them climbing out on a downed tree last fall.  This is just at the edge of the property, looking to the east over the cornfield.  I can’t get them to pose like this very often, and certainly not with this kind of background:

Lucky and ChiliLater…


2 Replies to “On the Ropes”

  1. Jerry,
    Do you have a death wish? One slip and in you go! Creek rushing, water cold, Jerry GONE! Dude, its not worth the fantastic pictures you post! Your life is not worth that kinda risk!!!!!!!

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