Drinking Breakfast

I have some kind of smoothie smoothie for breakfast almost every morning.  Today it was a spinach-banana-strawberry smoothie. I have my daughter Cortney to thank for the spinach part.  It was her idea to throw in a pinch of spinach leaves.  I throw in a handful.  It turns the color an interesting muddy green, but the smoothie still tastes great.  And it’s probably the only green vegetable I get most days.

I make smoothies with yogurt and lots of different fruits. Banana is the one fruit I always use if I have some.  It smooths out the texture.  Then I add some of whatever fruit I have frozen to chill the smoothie down.  I cut up pineapple, oranges, grapefruit, apples, pears, etc. and freeze them in zip lock bags.  I even tried a musk melon smoothie once.  Once was enough.

When you’re cutting up fruit to freeze on your own, fruit find a cookie sheet or some flat pan that will fit in your freezer.  Then layer the pieces of fruit on it, one or two deep.  Once the fruit is frozen you can break the pieces apart and put them in a zip lock bag.  If you start the fruit out in a bag you end up with a lump of fruit you need an ice pick to get apart.

The other ingredient I use is Crystal Light.  I buy the big boxes of  single serving on-the-go tubes, like you’d empty into your water bottle for some flavor.  Smoothies are good for you, but with the plain yogurt and spinach they can use a little something to kick the flavor up a notch.  The Crystal Light does the trick, and it has no sugar.  I like the lemonade flavor because it goes with just about every fruit, except musk melon.

I make a double batch of smoothie and stick the blender bottle in the fridge until the next day to save the second smoothie.  Then the second day I throw in a couple more pieces of the frozen fruit and blend for a few seconds to get it chilled back down.

Fruit Yogurt Smoothie


  • 1 pint plain non-fat yogurt
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 handfuls of fresh spinach
  • 1 pint of frozen fruit chunks
  • 1 Crystal Light lemonade on-the-go tube
  • 2 oz water or fruit juice


Add the yogurt, bananas, and spinach to your blender bottle.  Sprinkle on the Crystal Light and splash the water or fruit juice on to rinse the drink powder down into the other ingredients.

Make very sure your blender bottle lid is on good.  Start the blender out on low to get the ingredients mixing.  When they’re moving around good, go to high speed.  Once everything looks pretty mixed up, start dropping in chunks of frozen fruit, one or two at a time.  Make sure you cover the bottle up again as soon as you drop in a chunk, or you might find your chunk stuck to the ceiling along with some other smoothie stuff.

When the smoothie starts to get thick enough to slow down the blender you’re done.  Pour the first half of the smoothie into a glass.  Put the lid back on the blender bottle and stick it in the fridge for the next day.  Enjoy sipping your breakfast.

I like to have something crunchy once in a while so I’ll dip pretzel sticks in the smoothie.  You can also stir in some plain cheerios, chex, or other dry cereal for variety.  Just avoid the cereals that are 90% sugar.  You’ll have all the natural sugar you need from the fruit.

Bon Appétit…


One Reply to “Drinking Breakfast”

  1. Kale and carrots are really good with fruit in smoothies as well. However, if you add carrots, you either need to use a really powerful machine or grind them up before you put them in. I use a Healthmaster and it sounds kind of like it has a lawn mower motor in it!

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