Losing Bank

I took the dogs out to see what the spring floods did to the creek today.  There’s a cut bank just down from my mailbox on the south side of the creek.  This winter these two little maple trees, seen here hanging on for dear life by their root balls, were standing up straight:

bank erosion

Now they’re leaning out over the creek at about a 45° angle.  This part of the bank was scraped pretty good by the high water.  The water was up to the top of this bank at its highest.  For a little perspective, the bank was over my head when I was standing in the creek to take this picture.

It’s interesting to see the water shooting out of old root holes in the bank now that the creek’s down.  You can see the layer of deposited dirt over the layers of rock and gravel where the water cut the bank away.  There’s some water stuck in a perched water table that’s causing these little local springs.  There are a half a dozen of them along this stretch of the creek:

running spring

Of course I was standing in the creek to get this picture too.  There’s a whole lot of water around right now.  At least my cistern is full.


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