Paddling By

We got some rain again last night and the creek was up about a foot from yesterday.
The water was not real muddy and it was flowing good. Perfect for paddling, and some kayakers paddled by today. There were six in all.
I probably wouldn’t have noticed them, but one of the guys overturned just downstream from the ford.  I spotted them while they were waiting for him to get dried off and dump the water from his kayak.
He was OK other than being wet and cold. They were coming from somewhere upstream and heading down to the bridge where Bells Branch Road crosses the creek.
Chili just had to go down and greet one of the paddlers.  Especially since she came up to our shore. What a mooch of a pooch.
chili and kayak
I could get my kayak down off the shelter roof, but I know I couldn’t fit myself and two dogs in there. I took the dogs for a bike ride instead of a paddle. They can run faster than they can swim.


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