Squirrel in the Pot

Lucky did it again. Bridge over Bear Creek We went on a bike ride Sunday afternoon. Just as we’re coming to the bridge over Bear Creek, a fox squirrel jumps out in the road, up by the cabin on the right, and heads up the hill in the middle of the black top.  Both dogs take off after it.

The squirrel could have run to the left or the right and hit a tree in a few yards, but nope, she headed straight up the hill, right down the middle of the road.  And predictably, the dogs got her.  Before I could get there it was all over.  Squirrels are not as tough as  ground hogs or possums.

Lucky squirrelactually picked the squirrel up and carried it back to me once she’d finished it off.  The squirrel was pretty chewed up, but not as bad as the rabbit back in January. I got all four legs this time and some of the back. Sadly the squirrel was lactating. However, if she was that stupid, maybe removing her brood from the gene pool is a good thing.

So last night I had squirrel stew for supper.  I still have a couple of meals left too.  In case you’re wondering, the recipe for squirrel stew is the same as for rabbit stew, but you use a squirrel.

I never could figure the need for cumin crusted or balsamic vinegar marinated anything.  If you can’t fix it with butter, salt, pepper, garlic, and some onions you’re just playing with your food.  Chances are you’re covering up your mistakes with that other stuff.

I almost added a possum to the pot tonight. possum in a log Lucky had it backed into a hole in a hollow log and it wasn’t playing possum.  They both got a little bloody. I pulled Lucky off and we let the possum go.  One crock pot full of game at a time.


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