Pet Peeves

Strangely, this is not about my pets, though they have an uncanny ability to peeve me.  This is about those things that just annoy the living daylights out of me when I encounter them for the umpteenth time.

What gibbering idiot decided that a good human design would be dark gray buttons and legends on black appliances and electronics?  My eyes aren’t what they  used to be, but even in my younger days I couldn’t see these stealth controls.  Are contrasting colors so hard to figure out?

Kid proof containers?  How about “anybody with arthritis” proof containers?  Who needs the pain medication more,  kids or people with arthritis?  How many of us have kid proof bottles with the tops chopped off by a butcher knife in the house?  Raise your hands!

Software updates should fix bugs or add features.  Software updates should not arbitrarily change the user interface so you’re lost in a wasteland of buttons, menus, and forms that you had spent months or years learning to navigate.  You hear me Quicken?  How about you Firefox?  Roboform you out there?  Microsoft is completely deaf!

GPS do you have a clue?  If I took every turn you wanted me to I’d be dead by now.  Of course some of the roads around here are so twisty, if you see tail lights in your rear view mirror they might be your own.  Still, veering right into a pond or turning left into a 200 year old oak tree is not how I’d get where I’m going.

Why can’t politicians answer a damn question with a straight answer?  I watch Fox News Sunday on Hulu once in a while.  I end up yelling at the damn screen most of the time, whether republican or democrat.  I swear, if you asked one of those pusillanimous prevaricators how many fingers they had on their right hand they’d find a way to avoid committing to five!

I love my cruise control.  Even on my lawn mower.  However there’s nothing more annoying than going down the interstate and getting stuck behind someone with their cruise control on, who’s passing someone else with their cruise control on.  Usually the passing vehicle is going 0.35 MPH faster than the vehicle they’re passing.   Four miles later, with a line of 20 cars stacked up behind them, the passing vehicle finally clears the vehicle on the right, and can pull back into the right lane.  That is unless the driver of the passing vehicle is from Indiana and they just stay in the left lane.  PUT ON THE GAS TO PASS YOU ASS!  These idiots could be the reason it’s illegal to have RPGs mounted on the hood of my truck.



2 Replies to “Pet Peeves”

  1. Jerry, I have said for years I’d like to have a missle launcher mounted in the grill and
    a button on the dash. Car in way, PUSH BUTTON!

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