April Flood

It started raining Mondayrope rails morning and didn’t stop until sometime last night.  I got over two inches of rain before it was through.  The water is back up in the slough.  Now you can see why I rigged ropes to get across the backwater and over to the creek bank.  Not that I mind a little water, but it was cold water back in February.

Normally you could the fordford the creek just upstream from my place.  You leave Mexico Ridge Road when you enter the south side of the creek and hit Harding Road when you exit on the north side.  But not today.  Nobody is crossing the creek at this ford for a while.

The sun came out by 10:00 back deck galleryand it turned out to be a nice day.  I sat at lunch and watched stuff go floating by in the flood.  Logs, branches, the ubiquitous water bottles, tires, and even a boat seat.  It occurred to me I had a whole shooting gallery drifting past my trailer.  So after eating a sandwich I sat out on the back deck and took advantage of the floating targets.

I scared the daylights out of all the logs and sticks and bottles sailing down the creek for about an hour.  I got some good practice with moving targets.  So what if the creek’s too high to ford or wade across.  I turned that lemon into lemonade.  I did see one big old root ball go floating by that I had to snap instead of shoot.  You wonder where this stuff comes from:


With all the rain the culverts were gushing today when the dogs and I went on a bike ride.  I posed Chili standing next to one culvert that goes under Mexico Ridge Road.  I have to throw the dogs in here once in a while or they get cranky.  It’s your turn next time Lucky.



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