April Flood II

It rained pretty hard exactly one week ago.  I got a few pictures of the high water then.  It rained 2.6 inches this morning in about six hours.  The creek peaked just when it was starting to flow over into the slough below the trailer.

creek     creek     creek

It rained so hard at one point that the yard was flooded and the fire circle was completely under water.


yard     fire circle     shelter

Along the creek bank the water was swirling around trees and bushes.  It came right up to the edge of the lower bank.  It was running into the down stream slough in a fury.

tree     bank     slough

The noise is something you have to hear.  When the creek is at a normal depth the noise of the riffles will lull you to sleep at night.  When it’s this high the roar keeps you awake.


I took the dogs on a ride down Mexico Ridge Road after they had supper.  I wish I’d gone earlier.  Both Laughery Creek and Bear Creek had been over the road in spots when the water was at its highest.  One culvert was so plugged with silt and rocks that the stream was going over the road.


To illustrate the power of a gully washer like this, there was someone’s chain link dog pen in the rill that runs down beside Fisse Hill Road.  It had been wadded up and shoved through the culvert under Mexico Ridge Road.  That is some fierce water.


It’s been an interesting day.


P.S. It rained another inch overnight so I uploaded more pictures to Picasa.


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