Around the yard

I cut the grass again today. The weather was in the 50’s and sunny. The ground had dried up enough that it wasn’t muddy and the grass wasn’t too clumpy.  The creek is still plenty high but it’s going down.  Unfortunately, there’s more rain and thunder storms predicted for the next three days so it’ll probably be going back up.  That’s another reason I had to cut the grass today.

When I got done I turned on the camera and made a trip around the yard.  This video will truly make you appreciate how bumpy my yard is.  The moles have two-story condos in the stretch along the driveway.  I keep hoping this yard will shake a few pounds off of me every time I mow.

The other thing that’s amazing to me is how our brains can smooth out all those bumps and they never consciously affect our vision.  Not so for the camera.  It recorded all the dips and mole hills I hit.  And of course Chili had to get in on the action:


One Reply to “Around the yard”

  1. Jerry,
    Watched on Megz’s computer mine wont
    do videos for some reason, it was awesome ! Sounds really cool for Sat. talking 4.38″ by Sat noon. I will bring raincoat or trashbag for the walk but will be at the Mercy of Gail for a ride down. My car is very ill right now, and if Gail will bring me down I will ride home with Megan. She said she would. What time do you anticipate starting.
    I will Be there!

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