Memorial Flood

Last year we started a memorial walk for Mom and Dad. Dad walked about four miles round trip to Bear Creek and back every day for almost 20 years. He walked rain or shine, hot or cold.  The weather cooperated last year and we walked two consecutive weekends with nothing more than a little sprinkle.

Saturday the 23rd was this year’s walk. Addison, Aiden, Lucky We were scheduled to walk at 14:00.  The sun was actually shining some in the morning.  I’ve got a picture of two of my grandkids to prove it.  But by 14:00 it was raining pretty good and it just rained harder as the afternoon continued.

‎35 people showed up for the walk and we all sat or stood under the roofs of the shelter, the carport, the barn, the porch, or the trailer waiting for the rain to stop. It never stopped.  The creek just kept rising from the time the kids stood on the bank above until the creek was probably three feet higher than in that picture.

A few people went home, high waterbut 31 of us went to the Friendship Tavern for an early supper about 16:00.  We had to detour to get there because the creek was over the road by the shooting range.  The food was good and the company was even better.  In spite of the rain, we had a good time.  It was the memorial flood this year 🙂


One Reply to “Memorial Flood”

  1. Dear Jerry and family,
    While the Walk was the Intent, the fact that it was superseded by the rain, made no difference. The people that came, came with the intent to honor the memory of Ruth and Dale Nowlin, and all the joyous times that we all have spent at The Creek.

    The hospitality that was always shown and the love that was always felt, will never be forgotten. Family is as Family does and forever it will be, Long live the memory, whether it be at the Creek or while thinking about times spent there enjoy family and experiences had there!
    Was a GREAT TIME because of or in spite o the weather.
    Thanks for having us and allowing us to share the memories!

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