Thursday rain

Thursday evening I decided to take the dogs for a walk just as it started to rain…again. I threw on the poncho and we took off. At one point it turned into a downpour, but the poncho did it’s job. The dogs were not amused though.

On the Saturday before (April 23) the water had gotten as high as it’s been this year.  The entire bottom was flooded, and I had waited this long for the water to go down and the mud to dry up.  Unfortunately it kept raining every day so the mud was still there.

The erosion picture brings back memories.  I used to work for Purdue in the soil erosion research group.  One of my jobs was photographer.  Every time it rained I’d grab the cameras and head out to take pictures of erosion.  That’s been over 30 years.

I should have put these up sooner, but I take maybe 50 pictures a day some days, and it gets to be a chore going through them all.



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