Restart The Creek

It’s much later than I intended when I last posted here.  That was back on May 1st, 2011.  In March of that year I was part of a reduction in force (RIF) that took away the job I’d had for over 27 years.  My attitude went in the toilet about that time.  I decided if I kept blogging it would become ugly, so I just stopped. Nobody needs to hear me bitch and moan. I’ve got it pretty damn good and I just needed a while to focus on that.

I’ve had over a year to mellow back out. In that year I’ve had a new granddaughter, who’s name I can’t spell or pronounce, I’ve had several free lancing jobs, I’ve got a customer service gig with Arise, and I’m starting to sell some health/nutrition products over the internet. Still the same old creek though. I’ll do my best to keep it positive and keep the words flowing.

Aaliyah My granddaughter Aaliyah was born on 07/19/2011. She’s a real cutie. Here’s a fairly recent picture. Jessica and Chris have three rugrats now and their names all start with ‘A’. They’re collectively referred to by me as the triple-As, and A3 is way simpler to remember and spell than Aaliyah. Don’t tell Jessica I said that though. A3 makes a total of 11 grandkids.

July is the busy month for me. My dog Lucky, my son Doug, and now four of my grandkids were born in July. Then there’s my daughter Rachel’s anniversary, a niece’s anniversary, and two more nieces’ birthdays. Break out the wrapping paper! Not to mention the Hannan Family reunion the first weekend in July, and it’s at the creek. Lots to do to get ready for that.

Can’t finish this restart without a picture of the creek this spring. Still the best back yard I’ve ever had. Oh yeah…I stopped cutting my hair about the time I stopped blogging 🙂



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