My Yoga Rock

I’m still doing yoga. Not an hour-long set of asanas, but every morning I get to walk down to the creek and do 10 or 15 minutes of standing poses. Move it or lose it I say.

I have a nice flat rock where I can stand and face the west. It’s about 18 by 30 inches and the surface is covered with little fossils. Yesterday it was still under about half an inch of water, but it’s in a creek after all, so a little water isn’t a bad thing. I’ve cleaned the moss and the mud off my rock, but every time the creek comes up I have to work on it a little more. Nobody wants a slippery yoga rock 🙂

The view I see when I open my eyes depends a little on the weather. Yesterday it was blue sky, green trees, and a lazy creek wandering by, but even when the weather’s gloomy the view’s great. The sound of the riffles is something to focus on and clear my mind. The sun at my back, and some days a breeze in my face, just add to the sense of peace. Standing or sitting on my rock to meditate is something I can do any time of day. We all need a peaceful place like my rock.

If I look up over my head, say while doing a standing back bend, I see a mighty sycamore stretching up to the sky. Who needs a yoga studio?



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