Sunday Morning Walk

It was warm and humid this morning. The dogs and I went down to the creek, and they watched while I did some yoga. Then we took off across the creek and up into the woods. The underbrush is full and makes it a bit of a challenge, but it’s a challenge worth taking. Early in the morning the people upstream are still quiet and all you can hear is nature. We heard a deer blowing down the trail, but never caught sight of it. Lots of birds were adding to the chorus and the creek provided the background music to the morning’s soundtrack.

The spider webs were plentiful. Twice I had to stop and clean my glasses off, and that’s with my walking stick clearing most of them out of the way. The nice thing about being up in the woods is the nettles don’t grow there. If you’ve ever run through a patch of nettles you know where the word nettlesome originated. If you get poison ivy you have to be careful where you walk, but my Dad blessed me with an immunity to poison ivy that I thank him for every day. Keep moving and the bugs aren’t bad. It was a good morning for a walk in the woods.

On the way back we cut down to the creek and waded along the gravel bars on the west/south bank. With the big bend it starts out the west bank, but it’s the south by the time we get back home. The water’s starting to get a little low. There’s still places you can get in deep, but there’s more rocks showing then I’d like. We need some rain. The last rain we had was a week and a half ago. They’re predicting some tomorrow and I hope we get it.

If nobody shows up to pick berries by this afternoon I’m going to hit the patch with a pail. I don’t want to clear them out if someone’s coming, but I hate to see them get too ripe and drop off. That would be a terrible waste!

Got some pictures while hiking. I just wish I could capture the sounds and scents for you too.



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