Things in Trees

I took the long way around to get the mail today. The pawpaw patch is looking real good this year. I can count more than a dozen in this picture. Now if they’ll just get ripe before the possums knock them all down I’ll have some good eating this fall. I stopped to do some yoga and wade in the creek. There was a great breeze coming from the east today. Great yoga weather.

I gathered the mail and on the way back to the house the dogs started trying to climb a little walnut tree. Sure enough there was a squirrel up there. It did a pretty good job of hiding, but that tail was drooping down to where you could see it. The dogs are usually right, although in heavier woods the squirrel is usually long gone to another tree before I can get there to look.

I stopped by the berry patch too, and got a couple hands full of raspberries. Nice snack. Getting the mail can be a rewarding experience. Later…


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