I Dread Weekends

Dreading weekends sounds absurd, but it’s true. I live on a small creek at the end of the road. Mine is literally the last mailbox before the road runs right through the creek. It’s peaceful here most of the time. Then there’s weekends.

For some reason many of the people in South East Indiana think anywhere there’s a creek or a woods is an extension of Versailles State Park. They think they can come traipsing onto any creek bank with their folding chairs and coolers and fishing poles. They frequently leave their beer cans and bottles, snack bags and other trash, and even dirty diapers and other things best left unidentified.

This weekend started out Friday evening with three people actually driving a four-wheeler down into my back yard and trying their hand at fishing. After dark Friday night, someone was running their coon dogs down through my creek. Coon season isn’t until November. Saturday morning started about 9:30 with a parade of 10 people and all their stuff tramping down the creek, turning over rocks and not putting them back, and generally making the kind of racket 10 people make.

People with no respect for private property are the reason I dread weekends. I even had one fellow tell me if I don’t put up no trespassing signs it’s perfectly legal to come on my land. What?

Someone or something owns all the land in Indiana. State and federally owned land has enough signage for a strip mall. You’re not going to wander onto government land in your minivan and not know it. Private land doesn’t need signs to be private.

Many of you live in quiet neighborhoods in Aurora, Versailles, Rising Sun, and other small towns. You’d pitch a fit if someone just walked into your backyard and spread out a picnic on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I bet you don’t have signs around your yards to warn off trespassers. Why should property owners who live out in the country have to put up signs? People should respect private property.

Get a clue people. I’d hate to have to call the sheriff’s department for trespassers. I walk down and take pictures of license plates, but I’ve never called. The deputies have enough to do. If it’s not a state park, either stay off or get permission before you go wandering down a creek or up into a woods. Have the same respect for others that you’d like them to have for you. Maybe I’ll get some signs.


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