When is Hot Too Hot!

My sister gave me a whole selection of hot sauces for a present a while back. I’m working my way through them one at a time. The Flaming Coon Ass Hot Sauce was good and hot. You had to be careful. Bubba Gump’s Hot Sauce was good, but it wasn’t that hot. Just nice and tangy. Now I’m working on Gibb’s Nuclear Hell Hot Pepper Sauce. The name says it all. This stuff is the hottest to date. Extreme caution is advised.

Yesterday I made some Mexican rice. I only did it because the rice box tricked me. It said five minutes on high for 1 cup of rice. I figured I could wait that long. When it comes to food I’m into instant gratification.

After five minutes what came out of the microwave looked like rice soup. I dragged the box back out, and in little printing, under the table of times for microwave cooking, it says to run it at 50% power for 12-17 more minutes. Dang it! It took 18 minutes before it was finished. Last time I make rice. Anyway, by the time the rice got done I was finished eating the orange chicken I intended to eat the rice with, so yesterday I made Mexican rice.

    4 cups cooked brown rice
    1 tsp salt
    ½ tsp Pepper
    ½ tsp Onion powder
    1 handful of Mexican grated cheese
    1 tsp of the Gibbs Nuclear Hell Hot Pepper Sauce

Just mix all the ingredients together in a large microwave safe container, heat on high for 3 minutes, take it out and stir, and then heat for another three minutes. Let it cool down and dish it up.

It was scrumptious, but 1 tsp of the hot sauce was too much. Just one teaspoon! I damn near lost my lips eating that stuff. I’ll have to be careful when I use it myself, or I could use it to kill the mice in the barn. You know something is too hot when my dogs won’t even try to lick the plate. Like I said, when it comes to Gibb’s Nuclear Hell Hot Pepper Sauce, extreme caution is advised.



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