Fishing Day

Today was a fishing day. I’ve decided my #3 spinner is golden. I waited until about 11:30 for any A/C repairman I’d called to call back, but no such luck. My A/C has refused to put out cold air this year and the one guy who returned my call, out of five I’ve called so far, told me it would be two weeks at least, but he’d put me on his list.

So, at 11:30 I headed to the creek with my pole and one lure — my foxtail #3 spinner. I caught over a dozen fish. Mostly rock bass, with a few smallmouth bass and pumpkin seeds for variety, and I turned ’em loose to catch again. I also caught a little sunburn 🙂

Tonight I went out after 8:00 and I fished until it got too dark to see where I was wading. At one point I’m up to my … in the creek and a big doe crosses in the riffles downstream. Of course my camera is in my pants over on the bank. The doe goes up in the woods and blows for a few minutes while Lucky pitches a fit trying to find her. You never know what you’re going to see down here.

I caught lots of fish again tonight, but I turned ’em loose. I like the smallmouth best because they jump. They may throw the hook once in a while, but it’s worth it for the jumping.

That storm we got yesterday wasn’t much. I only measured about 0.8 inches, and it only raised the water level a couple of inches, but it sure made the fish hungry. It was a good day at the creek.



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