Climate Change Boondoggle

Senator John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) got all worked up about climate change again yesterday. According to him, I’m a flat earther because I deny climate change. Nobody is denying climate change. That’s just how the libs start out. They begin by bending their opponents beliefs in the direction they want, or for those of us who like plain talk — lying.

I, and most people who can think for themselves, deny that humans have had a significant impact on global climate change. I live where a tropical ocean once existed millions of years ago. That’s climate change. The land less than an hour north of my place was covered by glaciers thousands of years ago. That’s climate change. A summer heat wave, even the worst in 50 years, is not climate change. That’s called seasonal change. 50 years ago it was worse or this wouldn’t be the worst drought in 50 years.

If 90 years from now, the ocean level has risen the predicted 2 feet or so, it will be because the earth’s temperature rises naturally. It won’t be because of humans and their annoying interference with nature. The ocean levels have risen an average of 4 feet a century since the last ice age. You can’t blame that on humans. Politicians should leave science to scientists.

The real problem is scientists who chase grant money at the cost of their integrity. If you want a grant, and your studies will prove what the politicians want them to, you have a better chance of getting that money. Maybe we should call these charlatans used science salesmen. Would you buy science from one? How about from a politician who pays the used science salesmen?



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