Sunday Morning – Dry Fire Drills

It’s Sunday morning. The air waves are full of talking head interview shows. You can find politicians of all stripes, and political commentators that are more annoying than a boil on your…trigger finger. Today is the perfect time for dry fire drills.


If you use a rimfire guns for these drills use snap caps or spent brass. Otherwise you can damage the firing pin when dry firing. And of course, make sure the gun is unloaded. Televisions, tablets, and computers are way too expensive to waste using live ammunition. No matter what politician is currently being displayed!


Then sit back and wait for your favorite politician or commentator to show up. Dry fire drills are good for trigger control, and for breaking in a new gun, if you’re fortunate enough to have one. Double action revolvers are the most fun, but even a semi-auto can be used. You’ll actually be breaking in that slide at the same time as you’re working the trigger. You’ll also be building slide racking muscles.

For this to be a good drill, aim and shoot like you’re at the range. Dry fire can be especially useful for those with lasers on your guns. It provides great practice holding that gun steady as you squeeze the trigger and fire the weapon. Remember “aim small, miss small”, so I prefer to hold on a nose or an eye instead of aiming for the center of body mass. At least when dry firing during the Sunday talk shows.

Remember, if it’s Sunday, it’s shoot the press! Dry fire that is. Good hunting.



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