Can someone explain …

The situation in Ferguson MO isn’t confusing to me. It’s depressing and disappointing, but I think I understand what’s going on. I don’t like the situation and I don’t want to discuss it, but in the context of that ongoing situation, the poster below showed up on the internet, and I do want to see if someone can explain it to me.

slavery mentality

I’m going to provide some number from the FBI. These numbers come from law enforcement departments and organizations all over the country. They aren’t statistics. They’re just numbers reported to the FBI and tabulated by them. The latest numbers they have for a full year are 2012. All these numbers are from that year.

According to the FBI crime numbers, there were an estimated 12,196,959 arrests in 2012. That same year 52,901 law enforcement officers were the victims of line-of-duty assaults, and 48 law enforcement officers were killed during the commission of a crime. Again, in 2012 law enforcement officers justifiably killed 410 criminals in the line of duty. You can get these numbers yourself from the FBI website:

So in 2012 there were 12,196,959 arrests, 52,901 assaults on law enforcement, and only 410 criminals justifiably killed by law enforcement. That doesn’t sound to me like disobedience = death. That doesn’t even sound like assault on a police officer = death. That sounds like a whole lot of law enforcement officers trying their best to have nothing = death. It’s too bad some criminals take it too far and law enforcement has no other recourse. Hyperbole like that poster never contributed to a reasoned debate or the discovery of the truth.

Here’s my request. Can someone explain to me why the words “slavery mentality” appear on that poster? I’m not trying to incite or inflame, but what does slavery mentality have to do with a clearly bogus equation that disobedience = death? Unless throwing those words up on the anti-police poster was meant to add racism to an already inflammatory lie, I just don’t get it. Maybe someone can help clear this up for me.

This is America. We have a black president. Well, he’s only half black, but if Elizabeth Warren can be native American, Barack Obama can be black. We’ve had black senators, congressmen, supreme court justices, cabinet members, brain surgeons, CEOs, and more TV and movie stars than you can shake a stick at. Unfortunately, that last group of celebrities are the successful blacks who most Americans are familiar with. Slavery is an ugly part of history, but we fought a war to end slavery, and it ended in this country almost 150 years ago. What is this slavery mentality?



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