Making of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

My daughter Cortney got me into this ice bucket thing. All the grandkids are doing it so I figured I’d go along. The trouble is I couldn’t just dump a bucket of water on my head. No, I had to get fancy. Mistake.

I used duct tape, paracord, fishing line, scrap wood, a concrete block, and my ladder to set up a contraption that would dunk me when I shot my .357 magnum. The gun is stainless and I figured it would hold up to being dunked in ice water better than the others.

I strung the paracord from the bucket handle, over a limb behind the east shooting wall, and tied it to a concrete block. The concrete block was then balanced on a wooden piece of 4X6 so when I shot the wooden block, the concrete block would fall, and pull the bucket over, dunking me. The bucket was fastened to the ladder with some 10lb test fishing line so it wouldn’t come all the way off. That worked great three times.

That’s right, it took me a few tries to complete the challenge. The first time was just a dry run with an empty bucket. I just pulled the cord and the bucket tipped but didn’t fall off the ladder. The second time I had a gallon of water in the bucket, and when I pulled the cord I discovered that with that much weight, the paint shelf on the ladder came loose and the water fell inside the ladder. I duct taped the paint shelf to the ladder and that problem was solved.

The third try was supposed to be the final. I setup the camera and got it rolling. Then I loaded two gallons of water and half a bag of ice in the bucket, and I shot the wooden block. I discovered that the wooden block wasn’t interested in falling over when it had a concrete block on top. It took three shots, but the bucket tipped, I got soaked, and I figured I was done.

Wrong. The battery on the camera died just before I got around to shooting. So I put a fresh battery in the camera and repeated the steps for the third try. But this time the block of wood kept tipping backwards and the concrete block never fell. The gun ran out of ammo and I had to stop the camera, reload, and try again.

This time it still took three shots to get the wood to tumble, but it did, and the concrete block fell. Unfortunately, by now the fishing line had taken a beating, and the bucket not only dunked me, it landed right on my head. The perfect ending to a half hour of fun and frustration. Hope you think the video was worth it.

By the way, please donate to ALS, whether you want to get wet or not. Go to the ALS Association and follow the instructions.



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