Eating Wild – Plantain

Plantain is something almost everybody can find in their yard. It’s easy to identify, and the leaves are simple to harvest. I’ve used plantain in salads, but for me the best way to eat plantain is as a replacement for lettuce leaves on sandwiches. Some say the leaves are tough, but as long as I make sure I remove all the stems I’ve never had a problem.


When I’m ready for a sandwich I just wander out into the yard and pick a handful of leaves. Always make sure you wash the leaves before you eat them. In addition to rabbits, voles, and other furry critters, bugs like plantain too.


I like a good bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, but plantain works just fine in place of the lettuce. Every good BPT starts out with Miracle Whip on the bread. Not that bland mayonnaise stuff. It has to be Miracle Whip. Then add a nice layer of plantain leaves. Notice the stems are removed.


Then you layer tomatoes and bacon on top of the plantain. My tomatoes are the small kind this year, but they’re just as juicy.

Bacon Tomato

Finally, I like cheese on my BPTs. American cheese to be precise. Any sandwich is better with cheese.


Notice I made two sandwiches in case someone drops by. Of course if nobody shows up, I’m going to have to eat that second sandwich myself.




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