Read Often and Read Free

Yesterday afternoon I spent a little over an hour on the Amazon web site, downloading books for my Kindle. In that time I found 60 books I thought I’d like in the Science Fiction and Murder Mystery genres. My first order was placed at 5:10 and my 60th order was placed at 6:17. Each of those books was free. That’s right, free.

The way to search for free books is easy. On the Kindle eBooks section of the website, type the genre you want in the search box, and click on Go.


This will bring up a list of books. In this case there are 23,752 matches.


But I’m interested in free books. To get the free books we change the Sort by criteria from Relevance to Price: Low to High.


Now all the books in the list are sorted with the free books first. Just go through the list and pick the ones you want to “buy” for free.

The point is, if you want to read with a computer, or most other connected devices, you can read for free. Other than a library, you can’t beat that, and you can check books out of the library for the Kindle as well. It depends on the library so check yours to be sure.

I’ve had a Kindle for years now and love it. I wouldn’t go back to paper if given a choice. However, you don’t need to invest in a dedicated Kindle to take advantage of free books. I have an android tablet that lets me use the free Kindle app to read books. I also have the same free Kindle app for my PC and my phone.

So, if you want to start reading for free, the apps and the books are out there. I try to pick only books with a reasonable number of reviews and at least a four star rating. I still pick some stinkers, but they’re free. I just delete the bad book and go on to the next book on my list.

Here’s the list of books I downloaded yesterday. Some books are only free for a short time. If you see something you like, grab it while you can.

    Tucker’s Way – David Johnson
    A Cold Day for Murder – Dana Stabenow
    Frosted Shadow – Nancy Warren
    Take the Monkeys and Run – Karen Cantwell
    Elusive – Sara Rosett
    Midnight Harvest – Elias Anderson
    The Devil’s Dream – David Beers
    Sara’s Game – Ernie Lindsey
    The Saints Go Dying – Erik Hanberg
    Hushabye – Celina Grace
    Good Clean Murder – Traci Tyne Hilton
    The Enemy We Know – Donna White Glaser
    Louisiana Longshot – Jana DeLeon
    Quinn Checks In – LH Thomson
    To Kill For – A.J. Carella
    The Gray and Guilty Sea – Scott William Carter
    Castle Cay – Lee Hanson
    Diamonds and Cole – Micheal Maxwell
    Wanted – Nick Stephenson
    Habit – T.J. Brearton
    Fresh Doubt – Eva Hudson
    Mythical – C.E. Martin
    Silo 49: Going Dark – Ann Christy
    Xoe – Sara C. Roethle
    Awaken His Eyes – Jason Tesar
    Date Night on Union Station – E. M. Foner
    The Darkslayer – Craig Halloran
    The Chimera Vector – Nathan M Farrugia
    Galdoni – Cheree Alsop
    Out Of Darkness – Jason D. Morrow
    Anywhere But Here – Jason D. Morrow
    Devoured – Jason Brant
    Breakers – Edward W. Robertson
    The Emperor’s Edge – Lindsay Buroker
    Dark Realms – Kristen Middleton
    Sky Hunter – Chris Reher
    The Demon’s Bargain – Lisa Alder
    First World – Jaymin Eve
    Season Of The Harvest – Michael R. Hicks
    Deep Crossing – E.R. Mason
    Fatal Boarding – E.R. Mason
    Wool – Hugh Howey
    The Light Within Me – Carly Fall
    Alien Species Intervention – J.K. Accinni
    Marked – Elisabeth Naughton
    Dark Space – Jasper T. Scott
    Linkage – Jay J. Falconer
    The Eden Plague – David VanDyke
    Titans – Edward W. Robertson
    A Question of Will – Alex Albrinck
    Transgression – R.S. Ingermanson
    The Change – Teyla Branton
    Crux – Moira Rogers
    Left Alive – Jeremy Laszlo
    Land – Theresa Shaver
    Obsidian – Jennifer L. Armentrout
    Mindspeak – Heather Sunseri
    Children of the After – Jeremy Laszlo
    The Devil’s Grin – Annelie Wendeberg
    The Box – Brian Harmon

Let one of your goals be to read more and read free.



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