Save the Bananas

I don’t eat very healthy. By no mangling of any criteria is my diet balanced. My idea of a good lunch is deep-fried fish, deep-fried hush puppies, and deep-fried potatoes. Thank you Long John Silvers 🙂

That said, I eat a banana for breakfast every morning. The trouble is I only go to town once every week or so, and keeping bananas from turning into brown mush is a problem. I’d buy bananas as green as I could, but I still couldn’t keep them from going bad too fast.

ripe banana

Then I did some digging and found a solution. If you separate your bananas, cut off the ragged parts of the stems, and individually wrap them, I’ve had bananas last more than two weeks. The banana above was purchased fifteen days before this picture was taken, and I didn’t wrap this banana until I’d had it for two or three days. It’s going to be my breakfast tomorrow.

trimmed bananas

The reason to trim off the stems is so the wrap will seal better. These bananas are trimmed and ready to wrap. The wrapping keeps the ethylene gas, that bananas naturally generate, from escaping at the open stems. Ethylene gas speeds up the ripening process.

I use Cling wrap, but Saran wrap, or any similar kind of wrap should work fine. Make sure you have the open end of the stem sealed tight. The bananas will stay green or yellow much longer.

wrapped bananas

Now I don’t have to go to town as often, and I can still have the one truly healthy thing I eat every day for breakfast. I hope people find this helpful. If you have any other ways to extend bananas let me know. I’ve been known to freeze bananas to use in smoothies, but that’s almost too healthy!



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