Photo Challenge – Descent

This week The Daily Post’s photo challenge is Descent. The challenge is to interpret Descent in a photograph.

This is Indiana. There aren’t any mountains, but there’s some dandy hills. Sunday I took the dogs and headed toward Farmer’s Retreat to pick up some persimmons. That meant wading across the creek and climbing up Cutter Road, to the top of the ridge to the north. There’s a patch of persimmon trees about a mile and a half up the road. The change in elevation is 297 feet between the creek and the persimmon trees. That was the Ascent. Coming back home with persimmons was the Descent. Cutter Road’s pretty twisty, so here’s just a little piece, my interpretation of Descent.


By the way, the persimmons are delicious. I have plans for some persimmon pancakes, persimmon cornbread, and maybe some persimmon pudding. Good stuff grows in Indiana.


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