Best Buys of 2014

This is by no means a list of all the great things that happened to me this year. I finally got a job doing software again. I now have six computers in the house, two running CentOS Linux. And don’t forget that my youngest daughter moved to Kentucky in 2014. Now she’s just an hour away from the creek. Lots of good stuff happened to me this year. This post is about two things I bought in 2014 that have had the most positive impact on my stress levels.

electric machete

The first is a battery-powered trimmer. I used to dread trimming weeds and bushes. I have a couple of machetes and a corded trimmer. The machetes are good for clearing along the trails, but eventually I’m going to cut off a leg or an arm, or whack a dog by accident. Keep in mind, I have lots of trails. I got the machete version of tennis elbow last spring trying to keep up with the weeds.

I have a 100 foot cord for my electric trimmer, but that barely lets me reach all the hedges around the trailer. It’s not going to help with the trails. Besides, keeping 100 foot of cord untangled is not my idea of stress relief.

I finally broke down and got a cordless trimmer with a spare battery. I call it my electric machete. It takes about three charges for me to trim all the trails, but it’s saved me lots of time, and let me do much more than in past years. It was a game changer for 2014.


Then there’s the Chili dog. She is definitely a love/hate relationship. She has a beautiful coat, but it lets her disappear when she gets about 10 yards away. She takes advantage of her stealth fur by running off when I’m not looking. That would be fine if she came back to the creek. Unfortunately, she goes to the neighbor’s house, and my neighbor doesn’t live that close. They have a dog more Chili’s size, and the neighbor gives Chili treats, rubs her belly, and even gave her a bath one time. Heck, I’m tempted to run away to the neighbor’s house.

chili vest

I got a blaze orange vest for Chili a few weeks ago, and could kick myself for not doing it earlier. I tried an orange collar, but it wasn’t that visible, and it faded so fast it’s not even orange anymore. This vest is fantastic. I have yet to lose her since she got it. She doesn’t mind wearing it, and it’s not hindering her movement at all. Another game changer.

So those are my best buys of 2014. If you have something you bought this year that really stands out in a positive way, let me know in the comments. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2015.


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