Assignment: Introduce Yourself

I enrolled in a Blogging 101 course this month. The first assignment is to introduce yourself. I’ve been blogging for a while now. I started this blog back in March of 2011. I have another What I’ve Read blog that I started back in August of 2007. Let me introduce myself again.


I’ve been living here at the creek with my dogs since July 2010. I started this blog because my daughter Cortney talked me into it. Cortney’s living in Tennessee with three of my granddaughters these days. My daughter Rachel lives in Indianapolis with two more of my grandkids, one of each. My other daughter Jessica lives in Kentucky with four more grandkids, three girls and a boy. Finally, my son Doug lives in Illinois. Doug’s gifted me with three grandsons.


I like to read, take pictures, shoot, fish, and hunt. It’s called hunting instead harvesting because the elusive deer have skunked me for yet another year. I’m semi-retired, but I currently work half-time for Inteligent*Vitamin*C Inc. as a software mechanic. I work from home and I’m down to six computers in the trailer now. Imagine if I wasn’t retired! I also volunteer for Big Brothers. I barely have time for naps these days, much less going through that box of old mail on my desk.

Reading Squirrel

I plan to post about recipes, pictures, computers, reading, and shooting. I’ll even post about politics, when I get too frustrated to keep still. I started my What I’ve Read blog to keep track of what I’d read, back when I used to buy physical books. Buying a second copy of a book was great for the local library, but not for my bank account. Now I read ebooks on my kindle or PC or some other device. You can get lots of ebooks for free, and that’s even better for my bank account. I read over 200 books last year.


I started this blog so my kids could keep up with what’s going on down at the creek. Back then none of them lived real close. Actually, none of them do now either. A blog was a good way to communicate with them, and anyone else who was interested. It lets me post pictures of what’s going on at the creek, although Facebook has kind of taken over that job. I need to start focusing on this blog. I can always share blog posts on Facebook if appropriate.

That’s my introduction of sorts. If you read this and have questions, just leave some comments and I’ll get back to you. Us semi-retired folks have a little spare time most days.


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