Assignment: Say Your Name

The second assignment for the Blogging 101 course is Say Your Name. Instead of changing my title and tag line, I’ll explain them.


The Creek is what this place has been called for as long as I can remember. It’s at the north end of a big bend in Laughery Creek. My trailer is that white speck in the middle of the image to the right. Click on the image to see it full size. When I was a kid we camped here in the summers. When someone ask where we were going camping, we always said “to the creek.” When I had kids we came here to camp. Now my kids have kids and they come to the creek to camp.


When Mom & Dad retired in 1988, they hauled a trailer to the creek and lived here the rest of their lives. The creek is where friends and family come to sit and relax, soak in the water, do some fishing, do some shooting, and make s’mores around the campfire. My blog is called The Creek because the creek is now where I live.

the dogs

My tag line is Living at the creek with dogs because that’s what I do. The dogs keep me on my toes. They even bring me food once in a while. Rabbit stew is good, as long as the dogs don’t chew the rabbit up too much before they bring it home. Lucky is the little white dog. She turned nine last July. Chili is the brindle. She’s going to turn five this month. They make life hectic sometimes, but you’ll never find anyone happier to see you come home than a dog. Even if you just walked to the barn and back.

coming home

So The Creek is the name of my blog. As far as I know, everybody who’s been to the creek is happy to come back. For me, coming down that driveway is coming home, no matter how long I’ve been away, no matter what time of year, no matter what kind of weather. You know what they say about home.


3 Replies to “Assignment: Say Your Name”

  1. I want to be there too! Where is Laughery Creek? Your title & tagline captured my attention – it sounds like just the type of place I’d set up camp. I’m going to hang around and follow your adventures with the dogs by the creek.

    1. Laughery Creek runs through southeastern Indiana. It passes the town of Friendship about three and a half miles upstream from my place. It feeds into the Ohio River about twenty three miles downstream.

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