I volunteer for the Big Brothers Big Sisters school lunch program. BBBS I had a great time with my little brother at lunch yesterday. He pulled a Lego kit from the cabinet of games, and we worked on it while he ate. The kit was a police office on an ATV chasing a bad guy in a truck. Legos have sure changed since my kids were little.

We were trying to build the stuff shown on the box, and it was going OK. It just felt like we needed some kind of boost. Lego I suggested we use the Legos to make a catapult and see how far we could fling the bad guy.

The rest of the hour flew by, with little brother launching the bad guy and me trying to catch it with my hat. At one point the bad guy nose-dived into little brother’s lunch tray and we had to clean it off. We were having so much fun I lost track of the clock and barely got little brother back to his classroom on time.

National Mentoring Month Badge

The lesson is, directions should be guidelines, not rules. Nobody ever innovated following directions. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you don’t have to color inside the lines. Sometimes it’s more fun outside.

January is National Mentoring Month. Consider volunteering as a mentor. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a great way to give of your time instead of your money. There’s a little girl or little boy out there who could really use your help.


One Reply to “Directions?”

  1. I love playing with toys with my grandkids & you’re absolutely right! Instructions are just guidelines. I love to see their little imaginations soar & is there anything better than a child’s laughter?

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