Photo Challenge – Shadowed

The Daily Post’s photo challenge for this week is Shadowed. On a sunny day like this, shadows aren’t hard to find. My dogs Lucky and Chili present a good example. Clearly that’s their futon they’re laying on. If human company comes, we throw a sheet over the mattress to cover the hair. For me, a little more hair doesn’t matter.

the girls

The creek is surrounded by hills on three sides. Early mornings, most of the creek is in shadows. As the sun clears the hills in the east, the tops of the hills to the west take on a warm glow. Mornings are great for pictures. Even if the temperature’s in single digits.

early morning

Shadows can also add contrast to a photo. The north side of the creek is in bright sun, while the south side is in dark shadows. The water is just cold.

down stream shadows


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