Photo Challenge – Odd Ball #2

This week Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is about odd ball photos. I have plenty of those. My kids complain I take too many pictures that don’t have people in them. That might be their definition of odd ball.

I found this garter snake climbing a tree. The snake wasn’t a bit shy, but not aggressive either. This picture made great desktop wallpaper, until I shared my desktop at work, and the person I shared it with screamed. Notice the snake’s eyes are different colors. That’s pretty odd ball.

Snake with Tongue

This snail was minding its own business when I spotted it. The nice thing about snails is they don’t move fast enough to blur your pictures. Unlike snake tongues. This specimen was shy though. It did manage to hide in its shell, and still hang onto the stem it was climbing. Are shy snails odd ball?

snails pace

I have some raspberry bushes west of the barn. Some are red and some are black. The red raspberries ripen sooner. The black raspberries in this batch are the odd balls.


Just to prove I do take pictures with people in them, here are some of my odd ball kids and grandkids. Two daughters and eight grandkids to be exact. That’s a quorum. Trying to get more than one kid to line up for a picture is like herding cats.

odd ball kids


8 Replies to “Photo Challenge – Odd Ball #2”

  1. Those aren’t just a great set of oddballs, they’re a great set of photos. I, too, don’t take many photos with people in them and I’m OK with that, although I want to try to do more this year. Love the snake and the snail. Drooling over the raspberries.


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