Weird Thoughts

belle I can’t be the only person who has weird thoughts. It has to do with imagination. I like the movie The Magic of Belle Isle a lot. Monte Wildhorn is a disgruntled writer and Flora O’Neil is the neighbor kid who’s excited to have an author living next door. Monte agrees to teach Flora how to tell stories for thirty-four dollars and eighteen cents. Monte’s advice on imagination is, “Never stop looking for what’s not there.” Some of us don’t even have to look.

The other day I was rubbing my right eye after taking a nap. I wondered, if I were really straining. Say trying to zip up that winter vest I haven’t been able to fit in for two years. The vest where if I listen to the zipper, the zipper is telling me that even if hell was already frozen over, I’m not closing that vest.

While I’m straining real hard like that, if my eyeball popped out, and I put it back in a little crooked, would my brain be able to compensate? Would I fall down if I closed one eye and the crooked one was all I was using to see? What if I accidentally put it in backwards? Could I see anything in my head or would it be too dark?


Another thought, why did we hate naps so much as kids and love them so much as adults? Naps are awesome. They’re like a warm cozy break from the world. They’re even better if the dog’s laying on my lap, napping with me. I’d rather have a good nap these days than a great meal. Of course, if I had more naps and less meals I might be able to get that zipper shut.


2 Replies to “Weird Thoughts”

  1. I’m with you on naps … nothing finer! Just think how much fun it would be if you put your eyeball in crooked and started winking with it … you could have a personal kaleidoscope or strobe vision.

  2. I thought Garry and I were the only two people on earth who even saw this movie. I thought it was lovely. It went straight to DVD, never into full release, but it’s a little gem.

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