Photo Challenge – Odd Ball #3

This is week three of Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge. I like the definition of odd ball as pictures “we just can’t hit delete and get rid of.”

I took a series of photos of a cicada nymph molting one summer and they’re pretty odd ball. It was fascinating watching the cicada molt. The pictures were taken with the first digital camera I ever owned. It recorded pictures on 3½ inch floppy disks.

Another picture I could never delete is of a squirrel-proof bird feeder. The problem was the squirrel managed to pop the top off the feeder and slide down inside. Once she ate all the bird seed, she couldn’t get out. Maybe that’s the squirrel-proof part. I had to tear the feeder apart to free the squirrel. She was pretty mad by the time I got her out. This is definitely an odd ball picture.



2 Replies to “Photo Challenge – Odd Ball #3”

  1. How cool is that first set?! As for squirrel-proof, the only sure thing we ever found was a baffle on the pole and the squirrels would try periodically, just to be sure. They are such hungry and ingenious rascals!!


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