Photo Challenge – Serenity

The Daily Post’s photo challenge for this week is Serenity. My back yard qualifies as serene. These pictures were all taken in the spring. In the photo below, my chair, my dog, and my glass of sweet tea, are all waiting for me to sit and listen to the creek running past.


I was a yoga instructor for eleven years. mDSC07269 I have special rocks along the edge of the creek where I can stand and do yoga in the mornings. You could see one of my favorites in the picture above, but when the creek’s that high, that particular yoga rock is under about a half a foot of water.

There are other rocks I use. The one to the right is downstream from where I sit in my chair and relax. This rock’s high enough to do yoga unless there’s a serious flood. I stand with my back to the sycamore trees and face the rising sun in the east.


As I gaze up in mountain pose or standing back bend, I look at the trees and sky and listen to the soothing water.


If I gaze to the left in poses like standing twist or chair twist, I see the creek flowing by. Serenity is always available for the asking at the creek. I just have to remember to ask.

Remember to click to see these photos full size. Namaste.


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