Skipping Stones

Today is gloomy. clear water It’s above freezing and there’s no wind to speak of, but there’s also no sun to be found. As I’m typing this, it’s starting to drizzle.

I took the dogs down to the creek this morning after I fed them. The cold weather means the water is clear and clean. You can see the bottom all the way across. We walked upstream until we got to the ford. That’s a good spot to stop. This time of year, the ford is one of the few places on the south bank I can get close enough to the water to skip stones.

Everyone knows that the point of skipping stones is to get one all the way across the creek. The water is a little higher than I’d like, the island above the ford is almost submerged, but you have to skip a rock to the other bank or you’ve failed. I must have skipped dozens of stones this morning. Eventually I got one past the water sprites.

Water sprites are like fishy fairies. watersprite I probably insulted both the sprites and the fairies with that description, but they’re not going to read this. The water sprites were doing their best to thwart me this morning. They’d wait until a stone was almost to the other side and then just barely touch it. At that point the rock disappears under the water with a splash, and you have to try again.

The sprites’ weakness is they get to giggling and lose focus. I spotted a really good stone to skip. Then I picked up a few fair stones and purposely made some bad throws. If the angle is too steep, or if you let a stone fly too far before hitting the water, or if your rock drifts to one side or the other, it’s going to splash out. the ford If you make a few bad throws, the sprites are giggling so hard you can skip that perfect stone right by them.

I finally got one across, and you could see the water below the little island just churning with the sprites’ annoyance. They’ll be looking for me next time, but I know how to beat them. Never quit until you skip a stone to the other bank.

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