Photo Challenge – Depth

The Daily Post’s photo challenge for this week is Depth. I’ve always been interested in depth of field. My first job as a photographer, almost 40 years ago, was macro work on soil samples. Depth of field was important. On a bright sunny day, with a camera that has good manual controls, you have choices. When it’s not particularly bright, and your camera has no manual controls, you have to improvise.

big picture I was walking along the creek with my pocket camera when I answered the call of this challenge. The red of some moss caught my eye. The logs of a drift pile proved fertile ground for one of the few things that stays green around here in the winter months.

I took the picture to the right, to provide some context. Then I took two close-up photos to capture different perspectives on the depth of field. mDSC09337 The moss in the foreground was the focus of the first picture. It was quite cold the morning I took these, and you can still see frost on the moss.

The dead leaves and weeds in the background were the focus of the second image. The background is not nearly as interesting, even when in focus, but that’s not always the case. Click on the small images to see them full size. mDSC09338

Pocket cameras require some tricks to get the depth of field focused on what you want, but tricks are one of the things I like. You can’t beat pocket cameras for being handy. I’d never capture some of the pictures I take if I had to carry a big camera around all the time.


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