Cold Is Better – At the Creek

I know it sounds apocryphal, but when it’s winter, cold is better. Today it was 22° in the morning, but then the temperature got up into the 50’s this afternoon, and all the while the sun was shining bright. It’s nice to be able to open the windows, but it’s still annoying when we get these warm spells in January and February.

First there’s the muck. What was frozen solid turf is now a ½ inch of slippery mud on top of hard icy earth. There are only two modes of perambulation available. You either squish or you slip. On fairly level ground the squishing soon covers your feet and ankles in cold splatters of mud. On any kind of slope you need a walking stick or trees to grab, so you can avoid falling on the seat of your pants. And don’t get me started on wiping off the dogs before you let them in the house.

Second there’s the false euphoria that makes you let in the fresh air and take off sweatshirts in anticipation of spring. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment, if not a cold. The depression is palpable when it gets back down into the teens at night, and the furnace kicks back on.

I’d prefer it stays cold until the real spring gets here. It’s Indiana for crying out loud. If you want warm in February move to Florida!

Still, I got some pruning work done along the power lines, and I got some nice pictures from sunrise to sunset. It was a beautiful day at the creek.


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