The Internet and Net Neutrality

This is an open letter to Congressman Messer and Senators Coats and Donnelly of Indiana, my representatives at the federal level.

Dear Sirs,

I’ve been using the internet since I was at Purdue back in the early 70s. These days the internet is how I go to work every morning, without having to get in my truck and drive somewhere. It’s how I keep track of my kids and grandkids. The internet is how I get my news and weather. The internet is how I communicate with my family, my friends, my business associates, and my state and federal representatives.

internetThe internet has always been free to the average user, once they get access, and it still is. It’s access you pay for, not the internet itself. The federal government stopped its last major subsidy of the internet back in 1995, so don’t even try to tell me my taxes are paying for it. Free enterprise is paying for it. In this country and most of the world, communications companies, computer companies, and internet service providers, own and operate all the phone lines and computer networks that make up the internet, not the federal government.

If you think feedback from citizens over issues with gun control and the 2nd amendment are huge, you’re in for a big surprise with the internet. There are only a few million of us hard-core 2nd amendment advocates out here fighting against gun control, but there are 100 million Americans who own guns. To put it in terms politicians can understand, that’s a lot of voters.

While internet access is not mentioned in the constitution, and it’s not an explicit right, almost every citizen of the United States, at least those able to type on a keyboard or a tap on a touch screen, has access to the internet. That’s a lot more than 100 million voters. If you mess with the internet, you’ll be hearing from every single one of them, and a lot of them won’t be nearly as polite as me.

DO NOT let the federal government start to tax people for using the internet, or restrict what can go over it. Oppose the attempt by the FCC to impose “net neutrality” on the internet. You can be sure there’s nothing neutral about their proposal. The internet already works just fine, mainly because the government isn’t in control. The government has never made anything better by sticking their nose in it. Don’t make the mistake of thinking American’s will forgive you, if you let this FCC proposal go unopposed.

Jerry Nowlin


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