Proposed M855 Ban

This is an open letter to the ATF that’s copied to Congressman Messer and Senators Coats and Donnelly of Indiana.


It’s difficult to be respectful when your organization clearly has no respect for the constitution. The continual back and forth between your organization’s gun control motivated prohibitions, and the resourcefulness and innovation of the firearms industry, is frustrating and expensive. And pointless.

m855Now you’ve decided to take M855, one of the most common rounds available for the modern sporting rifle, and ban it for law enforcement safety reasons because it can also be used in a handgun. You keep trying to find ways to get rid of the “black rifle” and you keep failing. This is because the informed American public are not interested in gun control.

Law enforcement the world over would be safer if law-abiding citizens were armed and able to defend themselves and others. Try using logic instead of knee jerk emotion, and show the American people you actually believe in safety, instead of gun control. I’ve copied this email to all of my federal representatives. Respectively, I hope your organization is prepared to choke on what you’ve bitten off.


Jerry Nowlin

CC: Congressman Luke Messer, Senator Dan Coats, Senator Joe Donnelly


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