Indiana RFRA Hysteria

The Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration act is a relatively small piece of legislation. It’s five pages long, but the text of the law fits in three pages. Even so, the people getting their shorts in a wad over how the law promotes hate and discrimination, aren’t willing to read it for themselves. RFRA They take the lies of liberal special interest groups and the liberal media’s interpretation of the law as gospel, and lose their freaking minds.

All legislation is encoded in legalese. This law as a whole is referred to in the senate as Chapter 9, Religious Freedom Restoration. I’m not a lawyer, but I can read, and I’ll do my best to break this down for you one section at a time. There are eleven sections in the law.

Sec. 1 is about what the law applies too. That’s all other government laws and regulations.

Sec. 2 is about what it takes for a law or regulation to be exempt from this law. It requires another state law to explicitly exempt that law or regulation.

Sec. 3 defines “establishment clause” and “granting” for the purposes of this law, and then explains their relationship to the law. The “establishment clause” is the part of the 1st amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the sections of the Indiana state constitution dealing with religion. Granting means granting.

Sec. 4 explains what “demonstrates” means in one sentence of legalese. It means demonstrates.

Sec. 5 explains what “exercise of religion” means in one sentence of legalese. It means exercise of religion.

Still no mention of sexual orientation, discrimination, hate, or any other terms that would enrage liberals. Well, unless you count religion.

Sec. 6 explains what “governmental entity” means. It means any part of the state government, but it’s got the weasel words “or any other similar entity established by law” in there.

Sec. 7 explains what “person” means. It means any person or group of people who are not a “government entity”.

Now that we’re two-thirds of the way through the legalese, we get to the actual law part of the law.

Sec. 8 says the government shouldn’t be allowed to keep a person from exercising their religion, even if it means going against some other laws or regulations. There’s one exception to this. That’s if the government has a compelling interest, and keeping people from exercising their religion is the least restrictive way to satisfy that compelling interest. More weasel words.

Sec. 9 says a person whose exercise of religion is restricted may use this law as a defense.

Sec. 10 says if a government entity is restricting a person’s exercise of religion they can be sued.

Sec. 11 says the law isn’t intended to be used against persons.

Read it yourself. The state of Indiana provided a link to the text of the law. Then quit whining about all the things this law is going to do to discriminate against people in the state of Indiana. The words discriminate and deny don’t occur in the law. RFRAMoreThanCupcakes-855x1024 This law was written so that the government can’t force people to do things that violate their personal religious beliefs, period.

One other word not mentioned in this law is “Christian”. Neither is any other specific religion, or practice that can be construed as a religion, mentioned in this law. This law is written for all the people of Indiana, not just Christians.

I’d be ashamed if my only knowledge of an issue this big, came from what I read in the mainstream media, or from viewing info-graphics, like the one to the right, from special interest groups who have a clear anti-religious agenda, and a real flair for hyperbole. Stop being sheep. Get the facts and think for yourself.


One Reply to “Indiana RFRA Hysteria”

  1. Thank you so much. I’ve been saying this online in various fora for days now. The, as you so aptly put it, hysteria has been whipped up by demagogues to convince people that there is some assault afoot for the political purposes of the demagogues.

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