Signs of Spring

There are some clear signs that spring is here. I have daffodils blooming. The bluebells are starting to push up through the soil and the wild turkeys are leaving their tracks along the creek. The Canada geese are back trying to find a place to build a nest that the flood will wash away. I have chipmunks and squirrels cleaning their nests out. Last year was a good year for walnuts! I’ve been running through spider webs when walking the trails lately, and I killed the first two wasps in the house today. The grass is going to need mowing real soon. Especially with all this rain. I got 2.8 inches in the last 30 hours or so, and it’s still raining off and on.

And of course there’s the spring flood. The creek is as high as it’s been since back on March 4th, but this time at least there’s no ice slamming by. I’m not walking the creek bank trails for a while though.


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