Gay Marriage – When the Dust Settles

I’m a libertarian. By my definition of libertarian, it’s none of my business who you love or who you want to marry. This ridiculous fight over the meaning of the word marriage is as much the fault of the right as the left. Gay marriage isn’t going to hurt “traditional” marriage. It’s traditional divorce that’s causing the problem. Gay marriage is just as likely to end in traditional divorce, so have at it. If you love someone, and want to make a life commitment, call it whatever you like.

I’m not particularly religious, but the constitution is clear that religion is a special case. constitution It’s protected by the first amendment, not restricted, as some people seem to believe. The very first sentence in the amendment is:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

That is the only place in the constitution where you’ll find the word religion. Notice it doesn’t say Christianity or Islam. It just says religion. It clearly states that the government can not create or endorse its own religion, or prohibit Americans from practicing their religion.

Sexual preference is not a religion. It’s not protected by the first amendment, or any other part of the constitution. Sex appears once in the constitution, in the nineteenth amendment. This amendment is about your sex not being used to deny you the right to vote. It’s got nothing to do with sexual preference.

What bothers me about the whole LGBT issue is the lack of tolerance for other people’s beliefs on both sides. Regardless, one thing is clear; one person’s sexual preference should not trump another person’s religious beliefs. My definition of libertarian lets people do whatever they want as long as they’re not hurting others. Forcing someone to violate their religious beliefs is hurting them.

If you want to have a gay marriage have one, but you should not be allowed to force some member of a religion’s clergy to marry you. Especially if that person’s religious beliefs mean he or she is committing a sin. gaymarriage Especially when there are priests, preachers, ministers, parsons, and judges who will be glad to marry you.

It’s not the fight for equal rights that’s causing the problem. It’s contentious spiteful activism that’s driving this LGBT conflict, of which gay marriage is a small part. You have the court ordered right to gay marriage now, as you should. And there are people who are willing and able to help you. There are clergy willing to marry you, bakers willing to make you wedding cakes, photographers willing to take your wedding pictures, and venues who will be happy to host your celebration.

If the LGBT community persists in trying to force their right to gay marriage, to violate other people’s religious beliefs, they are the problem. They are the ones who are being intolerant. They are the ones creating the conflict. They are the ones who should be condemned for their actions. Wait for the dust to settle and we’ll see who’s really interested in tolerance.


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