Dogs and Trails

Sometimes I wish I was a dog. They have the most amazing noses. I mow almost a mile of trails along the creek and the edges of my property. I walk most of them every day with the dogs. There are places they avoid, but to my human eyes they look just like the places they walk.

Today I walked back the south trail, but at one point the dogs cut over to the driveway to escape something.  I wonder what they smell that makes them sidestep some spots?  I wonder what I’m walking in 🙂

On the other hand, I stand considerably taller than my dogs. I see rabbits, squirrels, and the occasional raccoon or deer that the dogs never know are there. I gave up trying to clue them in. All I do is scare away whatever I see, long before they spot it.  Nothing I did could make Chili see that fawn back in the corn.  Gesturing at the little deer eventually scared it away.


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