Timing is Everything

I spent a couple of hours working on the carport this morning. It was supposed to thunderstorm this afternoon, and I needed to get the gutter on the west side working right.

I needed to prop up the beam with the rain gutter attached so it didn’t sag in the middle and create a mosquito nursery. Then I needed to clean the gutter out and install some gutter brushes. I fought with hoses, ladders, and a recalcitrant tarp, but I got it done. I rinsed out the gutter real well. That way I could turn the downspout back into the cistern. I took this picture after it rained this afternoon.

Now I just need a new roof.

After working on the carport I took the dogs for a walk. The creek is starting to get low, but it was a beautiful morning.

Taken from the bench.

After taking a shower I headed over to the Friendship Flea Market. It’s going on all week. I always like to get there early in the week so I can still get a t-shirt with the Indian Chief on it. This is the first year the t-shirt has had a woman chief, Pretty Nose.

This spring’s Indian chief is a woman.

I also got some miscellaneous stuff from one of the tool tents. Then I saw a little girl running around with pixie wings. I walked all over until I found the place that sold them. I now have two sets. I just need two little granddaughters to come and claim them.

Pixie wings.

I had a late lunch and headed back home. I made one more stop to get a fried apple pie for dessert tonight. I drove under the carport just as it started to rain. A big thunder boomer went through right after I got inside. I checked and my gutter was running great. For once I timed it just about perfect.

Tonight some neighbors waded down to play in the drop right below the trailer. Kids can sit down in the current and slide all the way to the next pool. I caught a picture of them wading home again.

Wading into the sunset.

It was an all around good day. Especially considering it’s a Monday 🙂


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