Rainy Day

The last part of this week has been wet.  I got about half done mowing on Wednesday and it started to pour.  Thursday afternoon I had just gone out to finish the  yard and it started to sprinkle lightly.  By the time I was done, and I did finish, it was raining good.  Today was in a whole other class of wet.

It was raining this morning so I put off taking the dogs out until about 9:30.  That’s when it stopped for a while.  We got down to the bench, and I sat and took my daily picture.  Of course I had to dry the bench off first.  Then we walked on down to the ford and I waded out in the middle for a view downstream.

It started raining again later in the morning and by lunch it was coming down hard.  The creek was still calm though.  I ate my lunch meat sandwich, read a little, and took a nap this afternoon.  When I got up I was in for a surprise.  It had rained just a hair over four inches in the last 24 hours, but over three of that came down this afternoon.  The creek responded.

The water is starting down now.  It’s completely off the bench.  I still won’t be sitting on the bench again today though.  Hopefully I can get to it tomorrow.



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